Summary Table of Recommendations

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050 National Defense

050 DefenseRead Full Recommendations

150 International Affairs

150 International AffairsRead Full Recommendations

250 General Science, Space, and Technology

250 General Science, Space and TechnologyRead Full Recommendations

270 Energy

270 EnergyRead Full Recommendations

300 Natural Resources & Environment

300 Natural Resources & EnvironmentRead Full Recommendations

350 Agriculture

350 AgricultureRead Full Recommendations

370 Commerce & Housing Credit

370 Commerce & Housing CreditRead Full Recommendations

400 Transportation

TransportationRead Full Recommendations

450 Community & Regional Development

450 Community & Regional DevelopmentRead Full Recommendations

500 Education, Training, Employment & Social Services

500 Education, Training, Employment & Social ServicesRead Full Recommendations

600 Income Security

600 Income SecurityRead Full Recommendations

750 Administration of Justice

750 Administration of JusticeRead Full Recommendations

800 General Government

800 General GovernmentRead Full Recommendations

920 Allowances

920 AllowancesRead Full Recommendations


CBO Baseline—Many of Heritage’s savings proposals rely on budgeted authority figures for FY 2014 spending levels. To adjust these current spending levels upwards in future years, we typically increased spending levels at the same rate as discretionary spending growth, as projected in the most recent Congressional Budget Office baseline, “An Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook: 2014 to 2024,” published August 27, 2014.

Savings “Subtotals”—While totals for the five-year and 10–year savings are provided by section, they should not be added together as total savings for The Budget Book. First, as noted in the introduction, The Heritage Foundation recommends that the savings realized in the Function 050 Defense section stay within the Department of Defense to strengthen the nation’s defense capabilities.

And, second, the numbers cannot be deemed to represent the realized savings if every single recommendation were adopted because policy changes made in one program may impact spending in other programs. Thus, the numbers in the table do not reflect any potential interactions between the various